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The Investing Course for Beginners in Canada

Learn How To Invest Smartly and Grow Your Wealth Like a Pro!

Transform Your Financial Future

Are you tired of watching your savings earn peanuts while sitting in a low-interest account? Have you wondered how successful investors grow their wealth? Do you feel overwhelmed by the complex world of stocks, bonds, and Exchange-Traded Funds and other investment products? Would you like to make your money work for you?

If these questions resonate with you, you’re not alone.

Smart investing isn’t just a choice in today’s complex world; it’s a necessity if you want to secure your financial future.

But investing and losing a huge chunk of your wealth to fees isn’t great either. It means you need to invest more money for longer before you can attain financial freedom.

This is where the ultimate DIY Investing Course for Canadians comes into play. After completing this course, you’ll be fully equipped with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to build a diversified portfolio tailored to your risk tolerance and financial goals.

The course offers step-by-step guidance on how to invest your money for success. It is designed to help complete beginners become confident DIY investors with video lessons showing real-life scenarios and practical advice on what works long-term.

The Power of Do-It-Yourself Investing

Successful investing isn’t that hard. But it is hard to see that when you don’t understand what it takes to grow your investment portfolio and the important factors at play.

Traditional wealth management companies (aka mutual funds), while offering expertise and convenience, often come with high management fees.

These fees compound over time and eat into your potential earnings. For instance, a 2% annual fee, which is commonplace for a mutual fund in Canada, can reduce your investment account’s value by over 40% over a 30-year period.

Imagine losing almost half of your portfolio’s lifetime value to fees when you can avoid it!

Do-it-yourself investing allows you to minimize these fees while maximizing your returns and increasing your net worth.

It pays to be in the driver’s seat, and this is what this course teaches you. You’ll learn the dos and don’ts of index investing and how to cut your investment fees by up to 91% (e.g., 0.18% vs 2.00%).

You’ll also quickly learn easy, hands-off approaches that require only a few minutes of your time monthly.

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From Novice to Investor: Build Wealth The Easy Way

I have traded all kinds of investment products under the sun - stocks, bonds, commodities, FOREX, options, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, futures contracts, and other derivatives. I have been an active participant in the financial markets for over 20 years, and over this period, I have learned one truth about investing: simplicity always beats complexity.

The strategies that have helped me grow my family’s wealth and reach financial independence all come down to keeping things SIMPLE.

You can either choose to chase shiny objects in the stock markets, or you can settle for steady and consistent wealth building.

This investment course for beginners focuses on the latter: time-tested and easy-to-implement strategies that grow your wealth long-term.

Why This Investing Course Is For You

This course is designed to guide beginners through the essentials of DIY investing. It answers all the pertinent questions you will have regarding how to invest as a beginner and be successful, what you must know about stocks, bonds, ETFs, and mutual funds, how important investment accounts work (RRSP, TFSA, and RESP), how to cut your investment fees, how to create a Money Smart portfolio that is diversified and matches your goals, and more.

But this is only a tiny preview of the VALUE you get.

The course includes:

  • 17 live walkthrough video lessons (almost 8 hours of content) where I show you step-by-step how to buy and sell stocks and ETFs from start to finish.
  • How to open, setup, fund, and use a brokerage platform, with complete video training sessions for Wealthsimple Trade, Questrade, and Direct Investing (instructions can generally be applied to other platforms as well).
  • How to open, setup, fund, and use a robo-advisor account with complete video demonstrations for Wealthsimple Invest and Questwealth Portfolios.
  • How to transfer assets from other financial institutions to your low-cost brokerage or robo-advisor account.
  • How to determine your risk tolerance and choose appropriate ETF investments.
  • Easy-to-follow detailed guides and reference material (20,000+ words)
  • Quizzes and downloadable infographics to reinforce learning.
  • 15 summary presentation slides of the lesson modules with voiceover.
  • Exclusive bonuses (see below)

The complete DIY Investing Course for Beginners has a low one-time standard price of $597 while providing significantly greater value than similar courses priced in thousands of dollars. You can easily recoup the course fee with the fee savings you realize in the first few months of following the strategies you will learn in the course.

Limited Time Offer

To help you take control of your financial future today, we’re providing an exclusive limited-time price of only $397 for the next 50 students (filling up fast). This includes EVERYTHING in the course and free future updates. Grab this discount while it lasts!

Course curriculum

  • Do-It-Yourself Investing in Canada
  • Module 1: Saving, Inflation and Need for Investing
    • Saving: Why is it Important?
    • Time Value of Money and Compound Interest
    • Understanding Inflation
    • Interest Earned in Savings Account: Why It’s Not Enough
    • Why Become an Investor?
    • Quiz
  • Module 2: The Basics of Investing
    • The Relationship Between Risk and Return
    • What is Liquidity in the Stock Markets?
    • What are Bonds and How Do They Work?
    • What are Stocks and How Do They Work?
    • What are Mutual Funds and How Do They Work?
    • What are ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)?
    • Passive vs. Active Investing: Which is Better?
    • Assignment: The Impact of Fees on Investment Returns
    • Quiz
    • Infographic Resources
  • Module 3: How to Invest in Canada and Grow Your Net Worth
    • Risk Tolerance and Asset Allocation
    • Risk Tolerance Questionnaire
    • The Factors That Affect Your Risk Tolerance
    • Registered vs. Unregistered Accounts: Which is Better?
    • The TFSA Explained
    • The RRSP Explained
    • The RESP Explained
    • How To Choose an Online Brokerage
    • How To Choose a Robo-Advisor
    • What To Know Before Placing Your First Trade
    • Quiz
    • Infographic Resources
  • Video Lesson Guides #1 (DIY) - Questrade
    • How To Open a Questrade Account
    • How To Fund a Questrade Account or Transfer Assets
    • How To Buy and Sell Stocks and ETFs on Questrade
  • Video Lesson Guides #2 (DIY) - Wealthsimple Trade
    • Wealthsimple Account Opening 1
    • Wealthsimple Account Opening 2
    • Wealthsimple Account Opening 3
    • Wealthsimple Trade Account Funding
    • How To Buy and Sell Stocks and ETFs on Wealthsimple Trade
  • Video Lesson Guides #3 (DIY) - TD Direct Investing
    • TD Direct Investing Overview
    • How To Buy and Sell Stocks and ETFs on TD Direct Investing
  • Video Lesson Guide #4 - Benefits of Robo-Advisors
    • Robo-Advisor Benefits
  • Video Lesson Guide #5 (robo-advisor) - Wealthsimple
    • Wealthsimple Invest Robo-Advisor Setup
  • Video Lesson Guides #6 (robo-advisor) - Questwealth
    • Opening a Questwealth Account
    • Completing The Investor Profile Questionnaire and What It Means
    • How To Fund a Questwealth Account
  • Video Lesson Guide #7 - Asset Allocation
    • Understanding Asset Allocation and Risk Tolerance
  • Module 4: Selecting the Right ETFs
    • The Main Types of ETFs
    • Asset Allocation ETFs: Make Investing Easy & Profitable
    • Video Guide: Indepth Look at Asset Allocation ETFs
    • Selecting the Right ETF
    • Quiz
  • Module 5: How to Pick Stocks
    • How to Pick Stocks For Investing
    • Behavioural Biases and Their Impact on Your Investing
    • Quiz
    • Infographic Resources
  • Module 6: Taxes & Retirement Planning
    • The Investment Taxes in Canada
    • Quiz
  • Module 7: How To Reach Your Investment Goals
    • Budgeting Basics
    • Estate Planning
    • Free Budgeting Templates
    • Free Savings Planners
    • Annual Excel Budget Template
  • Module 8: Planning for Retirement
    • How Much Money Will You Need To Retire Comfortably?
    • Quiz
  • Extra Freebies and Resources
    • Private Facebook “Investing For Beginners” Community
    • Discussion Forum
    • Retirement Planning Guide - Book
    • How To Buy a Home in Canada - Book
    • Canadian Investing Sign Up Bonuses
    • Calculators
    • Refer Friends and Earn
  • Module Recaps and Summaries
    • Recap - Bonds
    • Recap - Stocks
    • Recap - ETFs
    • Recap - Passive vs Active Investing
    • Recap - Asset Allocation
    • Recap - Risk Tolerance
    • Recap - Risk Profile Questionnaires
    • Recap - Reg vs Non Reg Investment Accounts
    • Recap - TFSA
    • Recap - RRSP
    • Recap - RESP
    • Recap - Choosing a Broker
    • Recap - Robo-Advisors
    • Recap - DIY Investing
    • Recap - Selecting ETFs

Exclusive Bonuses: Worth hundreds of dollars.

Access to a Private Community

You get access to our private “DIY Investing Course for Canadians” Facebook group, where you can ask questions and participate in discussions.

Free Support

Students can ask questions anytime on the course portal and also receive email support for 6 months.

Live Webinars and Q&A Sessions

Free access to live webinars with me and guest experts where you can ask questions.

Lifetime Access to Course Updates

With your one-time purchase, you get access to all future course updates for free.

Awesome Checklists and Templates

Get 15+ budgeting templates, savings planners, and other financial planning worksheets.

Free eBook

Download my well-reviewed eBook, “A Complete Guide To Canada’s Retirement Income System,” free of charge.

Refund Policy: If you are not satisfied with the course, you can request a full refund within 7 days of enrollment, no questions asked.

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Enoch Omololu, DVM, MSc (Econ.)

Enoch Omololu is a money expert and founder of Savvy New Canadians, one of Canada’s leading personal finance education platforms. He has been writing about financial topics for over 10 years, and his work has been read by more than 20 million people since 2016.

Enoch has been featured in major publications, including Business Insider, Globe and Mail, CBC, Yahoo! Finance, TD Direct Investing, Canadian Securities Exchange, and many more. He is also a regular contributor to Forbes.

Enoch has a master's degree in Finance and Investment Management from the University of Aberdeen Business School and has completed the Canadian Securities Course. He is passionate about helping others win with their finances. You can reach him at enoch [at]

What people are saying

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As a complete beginner in investing, I was initially overwhelmed by the idea of managing my own investments. This course changed everything for me. The lessons were clear, engaging, and incredibly informative. I now feel confident in making informed investment decisions and have already seen positive results in my portfolio. Highly recommend this course to anyone starting their investing journey in Canada! And many thanks to Enoch for providing early access to the course.

— Liam from Halifax

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The content was comprehensive yet easy to understand, covering everything from the basics of stocks and ETFs to detailed video demonstrations using real accounts. The module on asset allocation was my favourite since I could apply it to my portfolio right away. Thanks for all your support!

— Jenn from Toronto

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Man, these high fee mutual funds I was holding have done some damage, but it's not too late. I'm generally skeptical about online courses, but this one exceeded my expectations. The modules summarize what's important, which is a time saver. The video lessons alone are worth the cost because what I needed was someone to show me how to place trades, what to look for, and how to cut fees.

— Chinedu from Winnipeg